For over 30 years, men and women around the world who have sought a way to greater freedom, more effectiveness and deeper fulfillment have benefitted from Ken Blue's teaching.


Dr. Ken Blue

  His insights on the
  deep heart of reality,
  his dynamic ability to effectively communicate very complex ideas, and the genuine care he has for those in need have translated the good news of God's love to tens of thousands of people across the globe.

 The gospel of grace becomes crystal clear through Ken's teaching. Grace is the basis of the Christian faith, yet many leaders are not able to convey its everyday, practical living implications. Ken does this and has see thousands set free from the bonds of legalism.

 Ken's book,
is well known throughout the Christian church. The concept of spiritual abuse versus servant leadership is presented in clear, Biblical ways that are then easily implemented by those in church leadership.

  In Ken's seminars the charismatic dimension of ministry is presented to church leaders in a way that is non-threatening, helpful, and easily implemented by both professional and lay leaders within the church. This topic is also presented in another of Ken's bestselling books,

Find Ken in the corporate world too:

  Before starting Good News to the Poor,
Ken studied at Regent College and Fuller Seminary. He and his wife, Patti, pastored and planted churches in Canada and the US. They also built a strong family base that began with 8 children and has grown to include in-laws, grandchildren and even more children through spiritual adoption. Each, in their own way, proclaims good news to the poor. See how they do it.

GNttP Ministries has helped advance the Kingdom of God in 16 countries and Ken's books have been translated into 15 languages.

From a seminary in the African bush to campuses in the cities of Australia,
From New Wine Conferences in England to the persecuted church in Orissa, India,
From theologically based business seminars in Kenya to holding orphans in Romania,

  • We provide theological training for seminaries and church groups.
  • We conduct business seminars based on Kingdom principles for corporate America or underdeveloped nations.
  • We train and equip parents and child care workers.
  • We partner with local ministries to bring various forms of relief aid to communities.
    • Our message of love is as powerful in classrooms devoted to theological debate as it is singing a houseful of orphans to sleep. The Good News of God's love crosses oceans and cultures. It even crosses denominational barriers. GNttP Ministries has resourced


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Polish Persian Russian Thai Chinese Dutch German Hindi
Macedonian Bulgarian Turkish
We've been there!
Conservatives Pentecostals Charismatics Catholics
Mainstream Evangelicals & everything inbetween

  A word from Ken ...

  Even before GNttP Ministries, I traveled extensively. I preached what I believed to be necessary to the health of the church and essential to the ministry of Christ in the world: the gospel of grace, the charismatic dimension of ministry, and the healing of spiritual abuse. When invited to teach in poor countries, I usually didn't go because neither they nor I could afford my travel expenses. Allowing finances to play such a determining role in these decisions had always made me uncomfortable, especially when I considered God's heart for the poor. But what was I to do?
  In 2001, God began to reveal the solution to my discomfort by diverting my attention from the means to the mission. Jesus' answer to John the Baptist, in Matthew 11 and Luke 7, is what finally pushed me all the way into this mission. John asks Jesus if He is the true Messiah. Jesus responds, "The blind see, the lame walk...and the poor have good news proclaimed to them." He reminds John that

this, according to Isaiah (29, 35, 61), is what the true Messiah will do. The final proof of the real ministry of the Messiah is that Good News is proclaimed to the poor - not just those who can afford to pay travel expenses. I had spent my adult life in the service of Messiah and now, more than ever before, I wanted to align my life with this real ministry of His.
  Praying and talking this over with the church we had planted 12 years earlier, resulted in them freely and happily releasing us to this ministry. With no official pastoral duties to hold me stateside, I readied myself to go wherever I was invited to help advance the Kingdom of God by imparting the three elements of the Gospel I've mentioned above. When I thought of taking the Good News to the poor, I understood I would be going to the Mother Theresa type poor and the theologically and biblically poor as well. And I began trusting God and His friends to provide the means to do so.

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